TACTICO is a game of educational enhancement and assortment; it evidently assists with the effective development of the left side of the Cerebrum, which controls the analytical articulation of the brain.
Any content that causes operational exertion of the brain, and requires analytical and/or systematic thought, provides a mental ‘work out’ for ones Cerebrum.

The game requires individual players to make specific moves based on several factors including, but not limited to:

  • The amount of game pieces on the board
  • The move of the last player
  • The probability of numbers
  • The probability of moves
  • The operational thought process of one’s next move
  • The conclusive score of each round and the possibility of success in the proceeding round

All in all, TACTICO is a game that highlights potential in several key areas of education, educational development, mental strength and analytical thought. It evidently outlines development in mathematics, memory, mental strength and much more.

Aspects of Mathematics

Number Sense and Numeration:
Each student can achieve Basic mathematics in a very fun and eager manner. This is accomplished by using the game piece numbers for basic addition and subtraction of individual game results and player totals.

Probability and Patterning:
Predicting the probability of game results from using common game piece patterning students will see common game piece patterning of end game results with more and gamer experience. By using the pattern techniques, they will also be able to predict the probability of end game result. Students may identify the favorable outcomes by using the learned pattern skills of advanced play Tactico.

Data Management:
Use of data from individual results provides a management tool to aid in the processing of predicting probability.
Students can keep a running total of individual game results. Gathering game piece patterning data helps aid in predicting the probability of the end game result from the game patterns currently being developed.

Charts and Graphing:
Use of chart results can provide and individual with personal result graph. Students can compile their individual results into personal charts and resulting graphs. This can provide personal achievement results in game wins, loses, average game scoring etc.


  1. Glen Street P.S.
  2. Central Collegiate H.S
  3. Conant P.S
  4. Mary St. P.S.
  5. College Hill P.S.
  6. G.L. Roberts CVI H.S.
  7. Seywell P.S.
  8. West Lynde P.S.
  9. Alexander Graham Bell P.S.
  10. St. Christopher Elementary
  11. Village Union P.S.
  12. Pringle Creek P.S.
  13. St. Hedwig Elementary
  14. Ritson P.S.
  15. Lakewoods P.S.
  16. Leslie McFarlane P.S.
  17. R.A. Sennett P.S.
  18. Gertrude Colpus P.S.
  19. Lakeside P.S.
  20. Dr. Cannon P.S.
  21. Dr. S.J. Phillips P.S.
  22. Emanuel Christian Elementary
  23. St. John Bosco Elementary
  24. Sir Albert Love Elementary
  25. St. Paul Elementary
  26. St. Mark the Evangelist Elementary
  27. R.H. Cornish P.S.
  28. S.A. Cawker P.S.
  29. Good Sheppard Elementary
  30. Prince Albert P.S.
  31. Mons. Phillips Coffee Elementary
  32. Father Francis Mahoney
  33. St. Leo Elementary
  34. Queen Elizabeth P.S.
  35. Fairport Beach P.S.
  36. St. john Evangelist
  37. Woodcrest P.S.
  38. Dr. R. Thornton P.S.
  39. Bolton C. Falby P.S.
  40. Holy Cross Catholic Elementary
  41. Duke of YorkP.S.
  42. Duke of Edinburgh P.S.
  43. Altona Forest P.S.
  44. Gordon B. Attersley P.S.
  45. Terry Fox P.S.
  46. St. Columbia Catholic Elementary
  47. Our Lady of Grace of Catholic
  48. Prince of Peace Catholic Elementary
  49. Vincent Massey P.S.
  50. St. Brendan Catholic Elementary
  51. St. Bede Elementary
  52. Blayton P.S.
  53. Epiphany of Our Lord Elementary
  54. Blessed Trinity Elementary
  55. St. Gerald Elementary
  56. Clarkson H.S.
  57. Duffins Bay P.S.
  58. Rosebank P.S.
  59. Anthabasca P.S.
  60. Grandview P.S.
  61. Ontario St. P.S.
  62. Knox Christian School
  63. Kirby Central P.S.
  64. Scugdg Christian School
  65. John James P.S.
  66. Harmony Rd. Montassori School
  67. Durham Christian Academy School
  68. Henry Longsworth P.S.
  69. Lester B. Pearson P.S.
  70. S.T. Worden P.S. Courtice
  71. Brookside S.S. Colbourg (Corrections Canada)