Greg Soave is the Canadian inventor of the most addicting game called TACTICO!

TACTICO! was originally drafted when Greg was a teenager. He often found himself sitting alone in his dad’s 57’ Chevy while carrying out radio and TV repairs. Bored and trying to keep himself occupied, he began using “strike anywhere matches,” which his father stored in the glove compartment of his car; He would use the matches to create various mathematical patterns in an effort to create a self-challenge. Soon, Greg was challenging friends and family members, and nonetheless, beat them every time. This seemingly simple game of matchstick patterns helped Greg develop this simple looking but highly deceptive game of subtraction.

In 1990, Greg’s son John was born into the family. At age six, John was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder which became a true eye-opener for Greg. John would often sit and observe TACTICO!’s games play, until he began challenging others and winning competition. When John’s math skills improved, Greg realized the educational potential of his original matchstick game.
Greg’s original company decided to produce the board game and a contract was secured with McLelland and Steward Book Publishing Company in Toronto. During this time, Greg also independently sold TACTICO! games to individual schools in the Greater Toronto Area. Nine out of every ten students fell in love with the TACTICO! game the first time they played and approximately seven out of every eight schools bought TACTICO! after it was demoed. They essentially became hooked on the game!

Presently, TACTICO! holds a computer contract with Core Learning of Toronto, an educational computer company which has their version of TACTICO! selling in 1500 target stores and Sam’s Club in the United States

TACTICO! is currently in seventy-one public, Catholic, and Christian schools in the GTA. Additionally, Corrections Canada purchased ten games which occurred when a demo took place at Brookside Correctional Prison in Cobourg, Ontario.

TACTICO! is for all ages and is a great family-fun, strategy game. Play TACTICO! once and most people get hooked!