“Greg Soave is the inventor of Tac.Tic.O. A mind boggling game that is loved by all Junior and Intermediate students that have tried it at my school…The resource will work well for rainy days and indoor recesses or simply as a stimulus for logic and mathematical thinking. The dialogue will surprise even the most pessimistic of us.”
-Fred Mandryk, Principal, John M. James PS, KPRDSB

“It was amazing to watch as the students determined ways in which they could leave their opponents with the last remaining piece!…As a result of the enthusiasm that the game has generated in our school, we have decided to purchase two per class, sharing the cost with our School Community Council.”
-Erni Valle, Principal, Conant PS, DDSB

“I made the game readily available to members of our Research Institute. A large number of Graduate Students, Post-Doctoral Fellows and Faculty Members enjoyed playing the game. The strategic aspects and the quick pace of the game seemed to “lock-in” the attention of the players. We very much enjoyed playing the game and wish you success in bringing the game forward to the public’s attention.”
-Dennis E. Bulman, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute University of Ottawa; Assistant Professor, Division of Neurology, University of Ottawa

“I am writing to tell you how impressed I am with your game Tac-Tic-O! I have personally used it with all of my teachers and students over the last 2 years and the more I use it the more impressed I become with its multi faceted uses to reinforce many learning skills in students. When I first started to use it I thought it would be useful to reinforce addition and subtraction facts–which it does but as I looked at the math curriculum it also was useful to use in all other strands–probability, data collection, graphing, algebra etc. It is also a tremendous tool for reinforcing social skills in all students in terms of being able to share, play fairly, understanding winning and losing, strategizing on how to win, team play etc.”
-Earl Bass, Education Specialist Teacher, The Durham Board of Education; Instructor for Additional Qualification Courses for Teachers, University of Toronto & Queen’s University