To win the game, you must leave your opponent with the last remaining game piece on the board. That piece is then turned over by the loser to reveal a number between 1 and 10. That number is the points then scored to the loser. The first play to get their opponent to score a total of 30 points or more is the overall winner.

At the start of each game/round, players must roll the die and the highest roller starts that round. The first player then selects the games pieces they would like to remove from the board. After they have made their selection they click ‘FINISH TURN’ to remove their pieces from the board. The second player then takes his/her turn removing the game pieces and so it goes back and forth until there is one game piece remaining.

1.You may choose only one of the three rows to pick your game piece(s) from, for each individual turn.
2.You can take up to a maximum of 4 game pieces from the row you choose on your turn.
3.The round is over when there is only one game piece remaining for the loser to remove from the board.

1.When it is a player’s turn, that players name is highlighted. Don’t remove pieces unless it is your turn.
2.If you would like to change your selection you can click on a game piece a second time to deselect it. If you would like to change which row you take your games pieces from you need to deselect all the pieces in the row you started with before selecting from a new row