How can a game that seems so simple be so frustrating? TACTICO! is a mind-numbing mental aerobics that rocks and rattles your grey matters and batters your logical pathways with infinite possibilities — and you can still lose! Is it luck? Is it math? Who knows!

TACTICO! is a brain drain for everybody from 6 to 60, 7 to 70, 8 to…well, you get the idea. Round One — cover the board with the O’s and then take turns removing them — any number you want from a single row. The player who draws the last O on the board gets stuck with the points on the back of it. Sound simple? Don’t believe everything you read!

There’s strategy! There’s eye contact! There’s head scratching. Some rounds move with lightning speed, while others require a pillow and a bag of chips*.

In TACTICO! the winner takes all and the loser feels…what do they call it? Ah, yes, the bitter agony of defeat.
TACTICO! makes an excellent educational toy.

TACTICO!  incorporates several math strands such as Number Sense and Numeration, Probability and Patterning, Data Management and Charts and Graphing.